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Welcome to our transparency page!


On the Borabro blog, transparency is a fundamental value. We believe in the importance of building a relationship of trust with our readers, which is why we created this page. Here, we commit to sharing relevant information about how we operate and work on our recipe blog.

  1. Source of content:
    Some of our content shared on our blog is developed by our team or adapted from reliable sources. When we use third-party content, we always give appropriate credit and provide links to the original source.

  2. Photographs and images:
    In some cases, we may use images from image banks, always respecting the applicable licenses and copyrights.

  3. Reader comments and participation:
    We value comments and active participation from our readers. We are always open to suggestions, questions and feedback about our content and tips. However, we reserve the right to moderate and delete any comments that are offensive, spam, or otherwise violate our policies. We promote an environment of mutual respect and constructive exchange of ideas.

  4. Affiliates and advertising:
    We emphasize that the blog's editorial content is produced independently, without the influence of any sponsor or advertiser.
    However, we are open to the possibilities of using affiliate programs and displaying relevant advertisements. We are open to partnerships, at the moment we will partner with Google AdSense according to the terms. However, this does not affect the selection of content or our opinion of the products presented. We always seek to recommend products that we believe are of quality and useful to our readers.


We're committed to providing a trustworthy, authentic, and affordable travel, photography, and healthy living blog. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.CLICKING HERE .


Thank you for visiting our Transparency Page!


Borabro team.

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